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Team Ellen and Skin Cancer Take a Hike on Safari!

One day post Kili on safari where we saw 2 lions, 1 cheetah, endless wildebeests, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants.

Instead of the motto “just do it” we say “Just did it!” The summit seems like a long time ago but we are still laughing together at the crazy jokes we made to get each other to the top. We all felt we were at the center of our circular world from that perspective at almost 20k feet.

Please engage and pass on the message to live an active, healthy life with sun protection! Skin Cancer, Take a Hike!

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Team 5 departs for Kili

Team 5 has arrived, organized, and we are off to Kilimanjaro!

Eric and the Team

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Team Ellen and Skin Cancer Take a Hike return safely and successfully!

Hello everybody!

We have returned safely from our expedition on Kilimanjaro with everyone standing on the roof of Africa watching the sunrise.

It was an amazing trip for an incredible cause!

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Team Poa Kacheezi wraps up

Hi everyone,

Here are a few photos from our last 2 days on the mountain. We wrapped up with a nice celebration dinner here in Arusha, and folks headed out to Safari, Zanzibar and home yesterday morning.

My thanks to another great team of people for all of their hard work and camaraderie!

The next team is arriving tonight.

Eric Murphy

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Team Ellen summits Kilimanjaro for Skin Cancer Take a Hike skin cancer prevention fundraising climb! Congratulations all!


Hi, this is Team Ellen in Millennium Camp, Day 6. We will do one more cybercast tomorrow, perhaps by email.

I know Tom, our fearless Leader, gave a short cybercast this morning from 19,341 feet, where he said “everyone was feeling great” which is pretty much not at all true! It was the hardest thing, unanimously, it was the hardest thing all of us, any of us have done. But we all made it, a hundred percent success. So, it was a great trip!

It was climbing all night long. Our water bottles froze; it was sub-zero, or sub-thirty two degrees. We were so high, we felt like we could touch one of the million stars out. And then when the moon came out, we felt like we were higher up than the moon. The glacier is incredible and deserves to be protected. That high, we all felt a little bit dazed and confused. And then we made, basically we skied down a mountain of, it was like, it felt like sand where the shells were actually crystal rock. It was beautiful! And now we made it, after a thirteen hour day, into Millennium Camp.

Thank you everyone! First, thanks to the American Academy of Dermatology for taking this to a higher level and making Skin Cancer Take a Hike the first of an annual event for skin cancer prevention and nowhere was that more important than at high altitude. The goal is to get out there, enjoy your life, but protect yourself, prevent skin cancers, and live it up.

And lastly, a shout out to my kids: you are my treasures Sasha, Ezra, Julian, and Jonah! And to my husband, I love you more than ever! Thank you so much for letting me come do this wonderful, wonderful trip!

At the AAD, Nancy Ali made this really work well for us and we thank you!

And lastly, to the corporate sponsors we didn’t mention yet, including DUSA, StriVectin, Allergan, and the others we have already mentioned, thank you very much! We are working with some albinos in Tanzania and these companies will make a humongous difference for them. So sun protection in Tanzania is just as important as anywhere and it’s something that we’re going to work on.

Thanks so much and tune in tomorrow! Bye.

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