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The International Team (8/22) scrambled up the Lava Tower through the mist then descended to Barranco Camp


Hi, this is John with the 8/22 Kili climb crew. We’re sitting here in our big dome tent. We had a little bit of trouble today. We couldn’t find a fourth for cards here this evening, but we seemed to have surmounted the difficulties and we’re marching on. Everybody had a good day.

We did the long, long, slow uphill morning climb to Lava Tower where we went on up through the mist and the wind and got to the top, weren’t able to see the upper mountain from there unfortunately, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. We had a good climb anyway. It involves sort of third class scrambling which means that you use your hands a little bit sometimes for balance but it’s not technical and not real difficult. Everybody did very well.

I’m being given the “yeah, yeah come on, ya know we’re waiting for our little shout out signal here” so here we go:
(Shout outs from Team Members in background.)

The others are off somewhere; I think they’re in their tents waiting for soup and dinner. Got in nice and early today, which is nice for everybody. So everybody’s doing well. Tomorrow we’re heading up the Barranco Wall and over to Karanga where we expect to have a nice afternoon and get ourselves ready for the next day, which is summit.

So talk to you then! Bye bye.

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The International Team (8/22) spent a lovely day with amazing views moving up through the senecio to Shira Camp


Hello this is the 8/22 Kilimanjaro climb for Alpine Ascents. It’s turned into a bit of a cold early night from what was a lovely warm day. We headed off from our Machame Camp early this morning, you go along sort of a long rocky ridge for quite a ways, leave the forest behind and start to get into some of these beautiful giant senecio and lobelia, which are a plant that are only found at a certain elevational band in East Africa. So we had beautiful views out over towards Arusha, back the way we’ve come from, seeing Mount Meru over there and sticking out above the clouds. This time of year (late winter here) usually there’s sort of a cloud layer down low on the plains and then Mount Meru sticks above it, and as do we on Kilimanjaro.

Folks climbed on through the day, we got to our little lunch spot, we had it all to ourselves today so that was sort of nice. It was such a lovely day we didn’t even put up the dining tent, we just ate out in the open and enjoyed the views. Got into camp pretty early, I think maybe about 2:00 or so, signed in at the ranger station and came on over to our camp. Some folks went hiking over on the Shira Plateau, which is this big flat plain that was formed when Shira (which is sort of one of the three vents, if you will, on Kilimanjaro) blew up, I don’t know, 100,000 or some years ago, filled in the area between it and the main summit. In the afternoon there was some resting, some reading, a fierce game of cards in the dining tent, and then we’ve just enjoyed a lovely evening.

Everybody is doing well so far. I think tomorrow a couple of folks are going to get in a new elevation high and looking forward to that, so we’ll give a call tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day on the route in which we do both an ascent and a descent, so we go up about 800 meters or so from our current altitude which is right in somewhere close to 3900, and then we’ll come back to approximately the same elevation for the night. It’s a good long day but I’m sure folks are going to do just fine. And then by the next day, Karanga Camp, people are usually their bodies are catching up with the altitude and acclimatization is kicking in, and folks are feeling pretty grand.

Greetings to everyone at home and I’ll give you a call from our next camp.

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The August 22nd Team of international climbers ends their first day with a candlelight dinner at Machame Camp


Hey, this is John Hauf, the Alpine Ascents Guide with the August 22nd Kilimanjaro climb. We’re sort of finishing our day here. We’re sitting in our nice domed tent which serves as our dining tent and social area. Gosh, the thing’s probably 20 feet across, got a nice light glow and we’ve got some candles on the table, and some flowers, thanks to Peter and Living (name spelling?) our two waiters.

Had a nice hike today. Started off pretty early from the Machame Gate and hiked up just over a thousand meters. Took it a relatively slow, as most groups we went a little quicker today than we’ll be able to in other days, but everybody moseyed along just fine and got to camp just great.

So we’re sitting here just enjoying some hot drinks. Everybody’s doing well and sends their greetings. We’re about to get some soup to start off dinner and after dinner we’re going to chat about tomorrow’s climb up the ridge towards the Shira Camp.

A good first day and we’ve got a pretty good international representation here. (“You all want to shout out from where you’re from?” asked of Team Members in background. Team Members respond by calling out the various locations they call home.)… Canada, California, USA. Alright. And we have Aparna from India, but she went out to grab a jacket or something.

Well, we’ll give you a call tomorrow from our camp up top there. That’s all for now.


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Crew summits a slightly windy Kilimanjaro then descends to some interesting views from High Camp


Hi everybody, this is John calling in for the Kilimanjaro Crew. I’m happy to say that everybody is safe and sound back in High Camp and after everybody reaching the summit this morning at 7:15!

It was a bit of a cold day and sort of windy for about half the ascent, and then got windy again on the crater rim, but wasn’t too bad all in all I guess. We all stayed in one group and were on the summit within just a couple minutes of each other. So got to enjoy the view, enjoy being on top of the continent, take a couple of pictures. I think we spent probably almost an hour up there, some folks, before starting to head on back down. So everybody’s in camp right now, sort of taking a nap. They got down nice and early. We’re going to have lunch at noon and most folks got back in about 10 o’clock, so they’ll get a little bit of a rest and then pack up and head on down to our camp for tonight.

Very interesting, we didn’t get a chance to see the upper mountain yesterday when we got to our High camp because it was covered in clouds. This morning when we got down and looked back we could see the big Rebman Glacier and there’s a giant water streak filled with sort of black gravel and debris from a melt pond up at the top of the glacier that let loose and sort of washed over the top of the glacier, so big ole black streak down the center of it.

It was a great climb! Everybody did very, very well. And we’re going to be heading down here after lunch. So our best to all family and friends! Bye bye.

kili summit shot Sarah Carpenter

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At High Camp the excited Crew feasts then heads to rest before dinner and more sleep to prepare for their summit bid at midnight


Hello, this is the Alpine Ascents Kilimanjaro Crew. We’re calling from our High Camp at Kosovo. Everybody made it safe and sound and doing well.

We just finished our lunch. We had potatoes and sweet potatoes, and a cheese sandwich and some chicken, and some fresh mandarin orange, passionfruit, (“what’s the pink one?” asked in the background) watermelon (“thank you” said in background to Team Member), watermelon.

And some folks have wandered on out to their tents where they’re going to take a little bit of a break and nap before our dinner. At 5 o’clock we’ll come on back in for another meal and then try and get a little bit of a shut eye. We’ll meet back up at 11 o’clock and off to the summit at midnight. It’s sort of misty right now, and cloudy, but that’s very typical for this time of year, this time of day. So probably after we’re done with our dinner, the cold will have settled out the clouds enough up at Stella Point.

Folks are doing very well and other greetings to the school kids who are listening in on this. We hope you are able to follow along a little bit on some maps, or books, or Google earth, or something like that. So greetings to everyone and we’ll give a call when we’re back down from our summit attempt tomorrow. Bye bye.

Our high camp.

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