TAPS Kilimanjaro Expedition set to climb

Hello friends, family and loved ones,

Vern Tejas and Carole Tejas here, reporting in for the TAPS Kilimanjaro Expedition. Thanks for following us as we start our climb of the highest mountain in Africa, at over 19,340 feet.

Our expedition was off to a great start today– all team members (and their luggage) arrived on time and so we were able to have our orientation meeting and gear check this morning.

The team came well-prepared and everyone is set to go.

After the gear check, we had a typical African meal for lunch. We really enjoyed trying the local food.

This afternoon, we went on a walking tour of Arusha. The local market was a highlight as well as the Signpost to Everywhere, pictured below.

We just finished dinner at our favorite local restaurant and are going to try to get some sleep before we leave for the mountain early tomorrow morning.

Last but not least, Linda and the rest of the Team want to wish Baileigh a very happy 21st birthday!!

Please stay tuned to our further adventures.

All our best,
Vern & Carole

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Lemosho team 5

A few more pictures from the Lemosho trip!

My Best


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Lemosho Team 5

Hi everyone,

By the time you read this the entire Lemosho team should home, or nearly home. We wrapped up a great trip in Arusha on the 2nd, before folks departed for safari on the morning of Feb3rd.
I had an unusually quick departure from Tanzania in order to attend a 3 day WFR recert class in Seattle the morning after landing in North America. Dizzying to say the least!

The group was able to enjoy the scenery of the crater floor after summiting, and most of us clambered around on the glaciers, and even managed a good nights rest at 18,600′!

My thanks to a great group of folks and for all their hard work and good attitudes!

Also my thanks goes out to our awesome crew of hardworking Tanzanian’s- for another great season.

Stay tuned for more Kilimanjaro fun as Ben Jones and Vern Tejas wrap up our 2015/16 Winter Season.

My Best

Eric Murphy

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Team Kata Kicha makes final call in from low Camp Mweka

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Kata Kicha calls in after 100 summit success and now at the awesome crater camp

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Kata Kicha at high camp

Kosovo High Camp.jpg

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Kata Kicha at 13,300 feet on Kilimanjaro – at Karanga Camp

Karanga Camp.jpg

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